The Science of Sledding, potential and kinetic energy for kids- Layers of Learning - website also has a lot of other good ideas in other content areas

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Potential energy is stored energy and waiting to work. Potential or Kinetic Energy Worksheet

Potential and Kinetic Energy Card Sort

Potential and Kinetic Energy Card Sort. This hands-on activity will allow your students to differentiate between Potential and Kinetic Energy with many different examples. This is important so they are ready to design their roller coaster

Potential and Kinetic Energy Sort

4th Grade Force, Energy, and Motion Assessment

Energy Types and Transformations Graphic Organizers and Toys Activity

This lesson helps students to sort out the different “flavors” of energy by organizing them into a “family tree” with “Pa Energy” and “Ma Everything” at the top (Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it!”), and below them their “children” Kinetic and Potential, and their “grandchildren” -- thermal, sound, electrical, and radiant are kinetic energies…gravitational, nuclear, chemical, and elastic are potential energies. This graphic organizer...

Worksheet: Kinetic Vs Potential Energy

A worksheet for students to help them practice their understanding of potential and kinetic energy. Three NEW kinetic and potential energy worksheets are available!

To help kids understand energy transfer, conduct this simple experiment that demonstrates potential energy (stored) and kinetic energy (mo.