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25 Greatest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Album Covers

(1976) KISS's Destroyer includes Beth. Although Beth isn't the hard rock and roll kiss is known for, it is one of the most known songs that wraps the band together.

#488- KISS- Destroyer- 1976

KISS Destroyer was my album! Shout it out loud.God of thunder. I knew every note from front to back growing up! This is my favorite KISS album.

Kiss Creatures of the Night. The Year 1982 Before They Took Off There Makeup. Still A Great Album.....

KISS return to hard rock / Metal form with some help from the sickest drum sounds ever recorded for an album. Eric Carr and mics all over the room as well as on the drums helped form that Gigantic drum sound.

My favorite Kiss album when I was little - such a great album cover.

The first KISS album I ever bought and was hooked. STILL my favorite KISS album. Great rock tunes about sex and partying.

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Kiss- Love Gun album I ever bought. Had this on 8 track. And from then on my bedroom was half Star Wars, the other half KISS.

Ace Frehley Solo Album Cover - 1978. (my personal images are used in audio e-books for children 3-7 and Illustrative Poetry, available at

Ace Frehley full solo album 1978 Rip It Out Speedin' Back to My Baby Snow Blind Ozone What's on Your Mind New Yo.

Paul Stanley (1978). One of my all time favorite albums.

The song off of the Paul Stanley SOLO Album, which was originally released in

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Our readers chose the 10 best songs from the four 1978 solo albums by the members of Kiss.

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KISS - Kiss 1974 First Album Cover.Took less than a month to produce but a masterpiece- and my favorite kiss album!

Gene Simmons

Kiss Solo Album - Gene Simmons -- mys sister did not like the song (well, at least the opening to) "Radioactive".