Korean Girl icons tumblr/ulzzang @안느

Korean Girl icons tumblr/ulzzang @안느

Dalnim (달님) is the Korean goddess of the moon. She was originally a girl named Dalsun who climbed to heaven and became the moon. #myth

dalnim (달님) / korean goddess of the moon. originally a girl named dalsun who climbed to heaven and became the moon

Reader Jenn will be having a girl in a few months, but can't decide on a name. Let's help her pick a few great ones!

Baby Name Dilemma: A Unique Pick for a Girl

Are you going to be a parent soon of baby girl? Then, you must think of some really cool and popular Korean girl names that you will love to name your child with. Deciding on a name can be quite confusing as you will have a lot of favorite ones. gils name

moda asiatica 17

{FC: Unknown} Hello, I'm part of the first ever girl group at the company ABC, called Cherry girls. I was cast as the rapper, and my name is Cho Hyun. I'm 23 years old and my name on stage / stage name is just my first name.

"Holler" Album Photo Shoot | Seohyun, TTS, Taetiseo, Girls' Generation, SNSD

Girls Generation-TTS Seohyun brings the attitude for Holler Comeback