Chimney sweep, before child labor laws outlawed the work of such young children. What a cutie!

Chimney sweep, before child labor laws outlawed the work of such young children. The men and women who worked tirelessly to pass the child labor laws allowed these children a chance to go to school.

Labor Laws You Should Know in 5 Minutes Or Less   #infographic #LaborLaw

Labor Laws You Should Know in 5 Minutes Or Less #infographic

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Vintage Photos....Child workers before labor laws.  Show this picture to the young girls of today so most of them can know how good they have it.  B.

Josie and Bertha, six years old, and Sophie all shucked oysters regularly at the Maggioni Canning Co. in Port Royal, South Carolina, Child labor laws were lax at that time. Photo by Lewis Hine.

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If it weren't for labor unions we wouldn't be working 40 hour weeks or have a minimum wage, it would all be at the workers discretion. Labor unions had a very positive impact on our country.

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+    Young oyster shuckers, Port Royal, South Carolina.  It breaks my heart to know that so many children were being forced to work and in such deplorable conditions before the Child Worker labour laws were enforced.

Child workers before Child Labor Laws )): Young Oyster Shuckers, Port Royal, South Carolina

A photograph by Lewis W Hine,  1874-1940 He photographed children at work to show the need to change child labor laws.                                                                                                                                                     More

Spinner in North Pownal Cotton Mill. Worked only during vacation." Photograph (original glass negative) and caption by Lewis Wickes Hine.

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19th century American children at work in the factory. ~  This is why progressives support unions.

The Depressing Stories Behind 20 Vintage Child Labor Pictures

The Mill: Some boys and girls were so small they had to climb up on to the spinning frame to mend broken threads and to put back the empty bobbins. Bibb Mill No. The History Place - Child Labor in America Lewis Hine Photos - The Mill

Everything you take for granted in your working life is because union brothers & sisters fought & died for it. 40 hours, weekend, health benefits, 8 hour day, worker protection, collective bargaining, child labor laws....

If you like weekends; thank the Unions. If you like the 8 hour workday; thank the Unions. If you like laws that prohibit child labor; thank the Unions. And if you're Middle Class - thank the Unions!