Filopino shoe designer Kermit Tesoro has released extravagant new footwear the Polypodis (pictured)

Filipino shoe designer unveils extraordinary new footwear

Lady Gaga Shoes Shoes Addicted |2013 Fashion High Heels|

elephant dung shoes by INSA. the ten-inch heels made from elephant dung entitled 'anything goes when it comes to (s)hoes'. are drawing from the signature style of caribbean artist chris ofili who often integrated elephant dung into his work.

@Courtney Piirto here are the heels I was talking about (last ones) along with alot of cool other ones.

Such funny shoe ideas! But seriously who the hell'd wear these things

Trend #2: Lady Gaga costume by Alexander McQueen  When Lady Gaga emerged in pop music around 2009, she brought her intense, extreme style with her. Wearing  influential designers such as Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga started joined with high-end designers to create a trend of exaggeration, leading to the extra-high heels, the comeback of 1980's shoulder pads, and dramatic, costume-like styles.

Alexander McQueen (British, “Jellyfish” Ensemble Plato’s Atlantis, spring/summer 2010 Dress, leggings, and “Armadillo” boots embroidered with iridescent enamel paillettes Courtesy of Alexander McQueen Photograph © Sølve Sundsbø / Art + Commerce

I'm pretty sure you can't actually walk in these, but they're AHmazing.

I saw these and was like WOAHH! - They are so Lady Gaga. These heels are every women`s dream: They are extremly high, gorgeous, there are crystals added

Candy Coated

Rainbow & Lollipop Gasoline heels - The sane part of me says, "Oh no," but the fat kid part of me says, "Oh yes.

Lady Gaga for United Nude...more art than shoe

If Its Hip, Its Here: Holy High Heels! People Climbing Platform Leather Boots by United Nude.

Be sure you have insurance before you wear these shoes

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Lady Gaga’s Highest Heels EVER. Okaaaayyyy....

Crazy Shoes: Lady Gaga's Highest Heels EVER