#Interesting                             70 million users, 1+ billion hours every month: League of Legends is the world’s most played video game

League of Legends - The World's Most Played Game

Jhin by Glaesii.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The last time i played lol jhin was out for almost 1 year - meaning played against him for the time cuz i stopped playing league. Nice op shit rito made there, dude just raped me so hard and im a dia vayne main.

Gnar - League of legends - Fanart by o0dzaka0o.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

League of legends champion Gnar, Inspiration, fanart credit to owner, I like the body model

league of legends Logo by FriendlyMan

In my free time, I will definitely be playing League of Legends. Its one of my favorite past times right now and I can see myself still enjoying the game in the future.

lol jhin fanart | Créations de la communauté : Jhin - League of Legends

While Jhin brings his cruel vision of art to the Rift, the community has paid tribute to The Virtuoso with their own beautiful creations.