Who's left handed?

Cleaning your pool is harder when you're left-handed (hence the URL "left handed problems").

Are you a lefty? Left Handed Facts and Products

Where To Buy Left Handed Gadgets and Gifts - Facts About Being Left Handed

Are you left handed? Left Handed Products for Left Handed People (there's a chance I will have lefty babies!) One of my sons is also left handed

Worst things for left handed people (14 photos) even tho I dnt go 2 school:)

Worst things for left-handed people (14 photos)

The 15 Daily Struggles Of Being Left Handed<< but some of them are not realistic. I can use a mouse and crank a pencil sharpener. And even eat elbow to elbow with a righty and not actually elbow them. Also, I'm a really good lefties handed second baseman. So that cancels that one. Just saying.

The 15 Daily Struggles Of Being Left Handed

How Left-Handed People Think And Feel Differently

How Left-Handed People Think And Feel Differently

Learn to accept #left-handed people. Learn #empathy for each person's differences while you are on this planet.

Study Shows That Left-handers Are Not the Product of Witchcraft After All

Tips for Teaching a Left-handed Child... i didnt think it was that difficult?! DONT SINGLE US OUT!

Tips for Teaching a Left-handed Child

Tips for Teaching a Left-handed Child. Not all Lefties need special scissors, etc. Many of us can use standard items since there isn't always a lefty version available.

I don't ever try and use my left hand because I would probably get looks, lol

One of the worst annoyances! I tend to carry things in my right arm/hand so as to keep my left free.

left handed problems..someone understands! www.LoveYourLefty.com www.facebook.com/LoveYourLefty

Pencil, pen, chalk, dry erase marker, pretty much anything you write with. You know what color a lefty writes in.

Top 20 Reasons the World is Against Left Handed People.

Top 20 Reasons why the World is Against the Left Handed Person I completely agree! It's a conspiracy! I just talked to Russ about his pen pocket and how it's segregated against left handers!

After struggling to learn to crochet from a right-handed person, I took this video class and suddenly everything became easy, natural and fun! If you are left-handed and want to learn to crochet properly - take this video class!

Left handed crochet video class is perfect for left handed beginners. Learn to crochet left handed- has crochet always felt awkward or simply too hard to do

How to knit left-handed

Left-handed knitting

If you're left-handed and knitting books only offer instructions for knitting right-handed, what can you do? Here are some tips just for left-handed knitters!