Lenticular clouds shaped like the hand of God scare Portuguese town residents.

مسافر زاده الخيال On Monday, the Portuguese were stunned by a terrifying cloud over the island of Madeira. The bright orange formation looked as if it was a burning clenched fist

Lenticular Clouds, Mt. Rainier, Washington by Michael Brehman

Lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainer, WA, photo by Brehman

Lenticular cloud, Patagonia

Lenticular UFO, Patagonia An iconic UFO lenticular cloud, this one spotted over the mountains of Argentinean Patagonia.

Nuage lenticulaire à Hawaï.

clouds in the sky above Grytviken, South Georgia island, at the cold edge of Southern Atlantic Ocean (off the eastern tip of South America, in the Sandwich Islands)

Nuage lenticulaire – Ces chefs-d’œuvre aériens n’apparaissent que lorsque l’air franchit un relief et se mêle à un courant plus gros et plus dense.

Lenticular clouds occur when air strategically flows over a mountain and into bigger, more dense clouds.

Some amazing cloud formations - Imgur Lenticular Clouds

Some amazing cloud formations

Lenticular cloud, Mauna Kea, Hawaii, US. Lenticular clouds are popular with UFO believers because they often look like flying saucers.

Lenticular Clouds - I think it looks like a iceberg in the middle of the ocean with lots of little ice chunks floating in the water, but it really is a cloud formation.

Cumulonimbus cloud over western Africa near the Senegal-Mali border. Cumulonimbus clouds rise vertically until they hit a natural barrier, known as the tropopause, and then flatten out. Cumulonimbus clouds usually herald the onset of a severe storm.

Lenticular clouds -

Lenticular clouds -

Meteorologist Shelby Latino - ABC30 Action News added 2 new photos. Check out this rare sight captured yesterday by M. Davis in Southeast Texas after severe weather moved through the area. They are called lenticular clouds, and they are more commonly seen over hills or mountains. Sometimes, they are confused for UFOs tongue emoticon

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Lenticular Clouds - Crystalinks  I can imagine this is what the pillar of clouds that led the Israelites to the Promised Land looked like--a stack of heavenly pancakes!

rare cloud formations - lenticular clouds stationary - lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes, normally aligned at right-angles to the wind direction, often mistaken for UFO's

Weather Extremes : The Top 12 Most Unusual Weather-related Photographs | Weather Underground

Twin lenticular clouds formed over peaks in the Omataco Mountains near Otjiwarongo, Namibia in Africa. Although lenticular clouds have been seen before, it’s strange to see them form at the same time, side-by-side.