Some girl at the meet and greet told Liam to step out of the picture because he isn't her favorite. How about you step off a cliff? #ILoveYouLiam <3

Liam) trying a new hairstyle. What do you guys think?

every time he smiles like this my heart hurts because it's so beautiful <3

Calling all Liam girls ♥ The pin above will take you through to RespectPoint where you can write a short message of respect to Liam we all can share. It's fun and free and a virtuous circle of respect ♥ ♥ ♥

{Face Claim: Liam Payne} Hey! I am Liam. I am 20 and single but I am looking for a girlfriend. I have a younger sister named Jordan and if you hurt her I will kill you. I am in the band One Direction and my best friend is Niall Horan! Introduce!

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Liam Payne (@liampayne) op Instagram: The waiting game ⌚️......

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I hope his sister's wedding was perfect

Cheryl, 32, joins boyfriend Liam Payne, 22, at his sister's wedding

"I was like woah! Oh its no big deal, it's just me." Hahahahaha laughed so hard at this part in the movie

He is sooo cute Liam Payne! This is another reason I love him so much!

And then when he wore this jacket and everybody was like, “Liam, please. Please stop wearing these jackets. You are literally ruining my life. I’m going to die.”

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Liam Payne and this puppy are way too cute

Liam Payne and this puppy are way too cute. lol I just noticed she Li likes the the pup