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- M- I want this as my birthday cake, not a baby shower cake. This is amazing (make birthday cake baby shower)

Celebrate your pride and joy purrrfectly with THE LION KING themed cakes. Whether you’re expecting or whether you’re roaring in your little cub’s first birthday, this adorable Simba pattern and figurine will turn any event into an affair fit for a king or queen. Check out all The Lion King styles at cakes.com. Prices may vary by bakery.

Decopac The Lion King Baby Simba DecoSet Cake Topper: Baby Simba nestled in a large green leaf makes an adorable addition to baby shower cakes. Approximately on cake. Include one cake topper.

lion themed babyshower for a girl | Baby lion king themed cake

Baby Lion King Baby Nala cake for a girl. I love the colors but would prefer a sheet cake.