Cranberry apple bran muffins – virtue never tasted so good

Cranberry apple bran muffins - virtue never tasted so good

No NFPs have ever been president. Hahaha yeah we know better than to want that job. We don't want the stress or power.

{ MBTI } presidents and their types.I'm like for each category, but defaulted as infp/enfp. Being president would be my worst nightmare.not at all surprised there are no infp or enfp presidents.

federalist12‏@federalist125m   RT Issa subpoenas State Dept. documents on Benghazi...

Issa subpoenas State Dept. documents on Benghazi talking points

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This is the "Time of Governments" ...government control, government corruption, government wars -- but this time will pass.  (pictures of United States Presidents)

Home is where your own president doesnt *&^% you over when you are innocent. The Presidents of the United States of America. Reminds me of grade when I had to memorize all of them to pass history class.

Washington DC is a beautiful city that is most certainly on almost everybody’s travel bucket list. It is after all, the capital of the United States! If you are passionate about traveling and are planning to visit Washington DC any time soon, here are 10 places that you absolutely cannot afford to miss while you are there: Infographic by – Haymarket Transportation

10 Places You Should Not Miss When In Washington DC - Infographic

There are many myths surrounding the symbolism of the Lincoln Memorial, but it is a fact that President Lincoln’s son attended the dedication ceremo

President Russell M. Nelson's Scripture Challenge: to read every single thing Christ said and did as recorded in the Topical Guide of the scriptures.

One of the leaders in my church issued a challenge in January to read all the citations about Jesus Christ as listed in the back of the scr.