Little owls

Little Owl (Athene noctua) it inhabits temperate parts of Europe, Asia and East to Korea and North Africa

faerieforests: “ Little Owl - Athene noctua by Jean-Louis Corsin ”

Diy- Merry Little Owl Holiday Ornament Tutorial

Merry Little Owl Holiday Ornament Tutorial

♂ Solo bird darkness “Little Owl” by Dale Sutton (@hsfnature)

prey and fly out from the sky.♂ Solo bird darkness “Little Owl” by Dale Sutton (

Known as Athene noctua or Little Owls, these birds were sacred to the goddess Athena [photo by Vladimir Kogan]

We told you not to look down: Owl can't resist a peek at drop as he prepares for his first flight

Contemplating drop: These three Little Owls prepared for their first .

Original Hand Painted Little Owl Rock от RobertoRizzoArt на Etsy

Stone Painted Snowy Owl Rock Painting Art by by RobertoRizzoArt

"Five Little Owls" #flannelfriday #feltstory #feltboardstory

Flannel Friday: Five Little Owls

So Many Cute Flannel Board Ideas- Five Little Owls; Lots are book-themed, so you could give the flannel pieces & book together as a gift.

(KO) Snow capped tiny birds. They huddle together for warmth and shiver, all the while chanting, "c'mon Spring"!

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Funny pictures about Two Happy Owlets. Oh, and cool pics about Two Happy Owlets. Also, Two Happy Owlets photos.

Kids Songs - Ten Little Owls - Counting for Kids

Kids' Songs - Ten Little Owls from DJC Kids. Easy to pep up or do a mellow version throughout depending on what the music therapy client needs.