In pictures: A short history of the Liverpool FC crest - Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC have today launched two newly-designed crests commemorating the club's anniversary.

Liverpool just lost to Manchester United the other day 3-1. They have lost their chances to win the ICC cup, until next year Liverpool.

Liverpool football club logo has a similarity to a coat of arms with the use of a shield like design. This logo is used on a wide platform of mediums in association with the football clubs fan base making the logo an example of tribal symbolism.

liverpool. You will never walk alone. Forgot the alone part!!  Key word

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Liverpool fc club badge

The Juventus Single Bell Alarm Clock - Grey is an official Juventus product and is produced under licence for Juventus Football Club.

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The reason why i like Liverpool is because my team called Liverpool. I also so like it because the really good and all about teamwork


YNWA- one of the great moments in sport, the Liverpool fans singing You'll Never Walk Alone.and I am a Chelsea supporter!