Gordon Gecko! | Photography by @gecko_tokay #Naturegeography

Blue tokay, posted by Reptile Hunter. Be careful, because these little geckos, common in the Philippines, have surprisingly powerful jaws!

Colorful bearded dragons

Good colors from nature to try when creating dragons - Colorful bearded dragons

Colourful blue-headed agama lizard in South Africa

Colourful blue-headed Agama lizard in South Africa. A male blue-headed Agama lizard (Agamidae) in breeding coloration on a branch in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Wow.. Blue Tree Monitors have the lone tails of any species I know of. ♡

Blue-Spotted Tree Monitor (Varanus macraei)or Blue tree monitor, is found on island of Batanta,Indonesia

Chinese water dragon.

Chinese water dragon (Physignathus cocincinus) is a species of agamid lizard native to China and Indochina. It is also known as Asian water dragon, Thai water dragon, and green water dragon.

upclose thorny moloch devil

Thorny Devil Lizard - Prickly Desert Ant-Eater

Cute little guy. This is Yoda. #mexicanalligatorlizard #alligatorlizard #arborealalligatorlizard #abronia #graminea #reptilesofinstagram #reptiles #reptilesofig #lizards #lizardsofinstagram

Mexican alligator lizard (a.a Abronia) looking great but would not recommend for beginners