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Just enter zip code, gives listing thrift shops and second hand stores in your area.Com National Thrift Store Directory Listing Charity Resale, Second Hand, Vintage and Consignment Shops

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You put in a city or zip code and it tells you where the thrift shops are in that area along with ratings.I have found many a craft items to use and vintage house decor and furniture at thrift shops

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Think Norway is too expensive for souvenirs? While it’s nowhere near as expensive as you’d think, especially with the drop in the krone, it’s true that bargains are hard to come by. But for those on a budget, nothing beats souvenir shopping the local supermarket. If you read this website regularly, you’ll know I’m a …

What to Buy at a Supermarket in Norway

The top 15 Norway experiences and souvenirs to remember them by-- my favorite moments in Norway and what I brought home with me, Norway's best shopping finds.

45 Uses for Vinegar

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Pick-up only items are often cheaper, as they are fewer bids. This tool finds and maps those near you.

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Simply show up at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue at the right time, and you'll get a free, 90-minute, east-to-west official tour of Central Park's highlights, including The Lake (pictured). (From: Best-Kept Secrets of NYC from the City's Savviest Celebs and Insiders)

Free & Cheap in NYC (For Real

Secret Bargains in NYC The Big Apple doesn't have to mean big bucks! We asked locals, celebrities, BT editors, and readers to give their best tips on free and inexpensive things to do in Gotham. You'll want to put each and every one on your bucket list.

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Money Makeover: sort your bills & save - Money Saving Expert