Louise; Bob's Burgers

voiced by Kristen Schaal. "Why would you waste a scream on a stupid boy band? Screams are for roller coasters, axe murderers or dad's morning breath!

Bob's Burgers (TV show) Louise Belcher is voiced by Kristen Schaal

Let’s start with Louise’s pink, bunny-eared hat a. the Best Fashion Accessory in Cartoon History.

Bob's Burgers Louise

Bob's Burgers Louise

You can now become your favorite character from the hit FOX animated television show Bob's Burgers. Green tunic dress with pink bunny ear headpiece.

Louise From Bob's Burgers | 30. Louise Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

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NWOT Bob’s Burgers Louise Cosume

Description: NWOT Bob’s Burgers Louise Costume.

Geez Louise! // Bobs Burgers Louise Girls Cosplay Hoodie

This hoodie is perfect for fans of Bob's Burgers and Louise as it is green as the dress that Louise wears and the hood is the bunny ears hat.