Louise Fili Ltd book covers for the “Romanzi d’Italia” series, ten novels that have shaped Italy.

“Romanzi d’Italia,” ten novels that have shaped Italy – cover artwork by Louise Fili Ltd, published by Bur Rizzoli.

Louise Fili - Ambessa Teas                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Ambessa Tea Now Available

Ambessa (Ethiopian for lion): A line of imported teas for chef Marcus Samuelsson, by Louise Fili

louise fili.  my favorite.

the mermaid inn / east village and upper west side (mermaid oyster bar / greenwich village)

Louise Fili image 08 2014 AIGA Medalist I Like this LOGO

Monogram for Tiffany and Co. by Louise Fili- beautiful intertwining of letters

Louise Fili typography - Google Search

Process When working around form and content I wanted to focus on the aspects of Fili not only as a designer but as a person that made her.

bonnie's jams label redesign by louise fili

Bonnie's Jams

pretty much our old jam label louise fili simple and stunning style typography- Bonnies jams

postcard for the sva masters workshop designed by louise fili ltd.

Italian orange wrappers collected over the course of decades were the inspiration for Louise Fili Ltd’s postcard design for SVA Masters Workshop in Venice and Rome

Graphique de la Rue - the Signs of Paris by Louise Fili  (a photo documentary "travelogue" of Paris signs)

Graphic designer Louise Fili’s new book, Graphique de la Rue: The Signs of Paris, explores the city’s unique signage.