Oh my life has changed since my mom has been gone. Love you MOM !!! more than anyone will ever know!!

I miss you and LOVE you Angela, Merry Christmas in heaven ! And all our other love ones that left us to soon,Daddy,Laura,Brandon miss you all

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In Loving Memory Cards For Dad - He never looked for praises

Hey Elaina I know your not gonna see this either but I really miss you..i hope your trip is going wonderful you mean everything to me I love you with all my heart sleep well beautiful Elaina you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!! I'm praying for you. Your my best friend and the only one I was t to be around.

I will love you forever if you left the best part of me would die forever. I honestly don't think I would survive this life without you

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2 years ago today, my favorite person in the world left this earth. It will never be the same without you, dad. Missing my daddy dearly.

We talk about u always..keeping your memory alive..we love you dear dad xx

God called your name so gently that only you could hear. No one heard the footsteps of the Angel drawing near.softly from the shadows, there came a gentle call, you closed your eyes and went to sleep.you quietly left us all.

But now I know it was just me being stupid and ignorant thinking that you would actually think about all that stuff as well

I wonder if you knew how many times I thought about you, how many nights I've stayed awake thinking about you, how many times I've sat there cried about you.I wonder if you knew how much I loved you