Gold Heart Referral Business Card - Great  marketing | customer loyalty card for cosmetologists, estheticians, makeup artists, hair stylists, manicurists, beauty salons, massage therapists and more. Fully customizable business card.

Gold Heart Beauty Salon Referral Card

Loyalty Card Elegant Floral Makeup & Hair Stylist                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Loyalty Card Elegant Floral Makeup & Hair Stylist

CardStar : Let's face one likes carrying around a wallet/purse full of VIP cards from grocery stores, auto stores,...wherever.  And don't get me started on all of the little keychain tabs.  Ridiculous doesn't begin to describe it.  With CardStar it doesn't matter where that card is from.  It'll create a scannable barcode that any register barcode reader can read.  Free your wallets, purses, and keychains of this menace.  You can thank me later!

Love Love Love this Cardstar - App for the iPhone! Scan your loyalty cards into your smartphone and stop searching your purse for the correct card for the right purchase. In your phone, all in the one place and Organised alphabetically!

Návrh použítí karty rovnou v jejím designu, s tím, že by se na jejím těle zobrazovala aktuální výše úspory

Card Wallet

Návrh použítí karty rovnou v jejím designu, s tím, že by se na jejím těle…

This free personalized loyalty punch card utilises a simple hand sketched design that makes it perfect for all sorts of businesses and reward schemes.

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The last big project I worked on at Gimmie. With Wallabie, every merchant can have a loyalty program easily, and track purchases/points from the web.

Wallabie - Loyalty Card for Merchants

Too many cards in your wallet? Use a hole punch and put gift and/or loyalty cards on a key ring so you can easily flip through them.

Store Loyalty Card Storage & Organization

Save space in your wallet & organize all your gift & store rebate cards by putting a hole punch through them and adding them to a key ring. There are also "frequent user" card wallets available if the key ring is too much.

Unity Kitchen Cafe, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park loyalty card design

Branding, graphic design and web development for Unity Kitchen Cafe, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park by design agency Cassbinder.

This is a great list of apps to help you get organized....and stay that way!

The Ten Must Have Apps to Simplify Your Life

Do you find that you have 10 or even MORE store loyalty cards? This is a free app to help you keep all of those cards handy, without having to keep the card in your wallet ( .