Luke Bryan... I couldn't resist.

2012 American Music Awards Nominees: Luke Bryan

Ellen Luke Bryan Plays Truth or Dare & Talks With Musicians at the CMA

Luke Bryan shirt less man nothing better looking than that!

Luke Bryan shirt less man nothing better looking than that! wow luke looks so so hot

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Luke Bryan marry me? Ooh that's right it's kind if illegal isn't it.

hes just too perfect.

Single Review: Luke Bryan – We Rode In Trucks

Listen to Luke Bryan talk, and the natural twang in his voice tells you he's from as deep into the rural South as a young man can be. Listen to Luke Bryan sing, and the true-as-dirt details tells you he writes about who he is and what he knows.

I wanna go for a ride!

Shirtless Luke Bryan with a Hatless Jason Aldean!Luke Bryan should never wear a shirt again. But Jason needs to keep his hat on.

What can possibly get better than this picture? Nascar + Luke Bryan + Beer = Perfection <3

Farewell letter from

luke bryan shirtless | Luke Bryan - Shirtless country singers

Shirtless country singers: Luke Bryan

We can only hope that these country boys perform shirtless, always. Behold: Our photo album dedicated to our favorite shirtless country singers.


Shirtless Luke Bryan was such a hit on FB I (Abby ;) decided shirtless country boys deserve their own board!