((Vanessa Lynn Williams)) Shayleen Oscar. I'm a officer looking for the oh, so famous 'Green Arrow.' Yes, he helps catch the bad guys and the criminals but still... There's so much destruction he does cause within the city.

Big Interview with Acclaimed Photographer Matthew Jordan Smith – Part 1

Love the beauty of this -a little more of a portrait style Vanessa Lynn Williams, singer, actress, former fashion model and first African American Miss America.

Sharon Lynn Williams' Art Blog: "Sunset i", watercolour painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Sunset i", watercolour painting, x SOLD I did two sunset demonstrations for my experienced beginner watercolour class this mornin.

Vanessa Williams

Best Beauty Looks in Black History

Ten Reasons Why Vanessa L. Williams Is The Ultimate Entertainer: February Grammy nomination for Best New Artist

Sharon Lynn Williams' Art Blog: "Winter Splendour" first painitng of 2015, by Sharon Lynn Williams

Daily Paintworks - "Winter Splendour" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Sharon Lynn Williams