Letter m logo or two modern monogram symbol mockup vector

Two modern monogram symbol. Contrasting lower and upper case of the letter.

CM monogram. Beautifully crafted elegance.


One of our favourites. maybe a way of incorporating our letters (HM or HMS) into a monogram that resembles Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Waht is lettering exactly, we have been asked a lot of times? Lettering is the love and power in designing letters and characters. The composition of lines, ornaments and forms are a big secret and every letterer tries to find out and draw down what inspires him and how his aesthetic mind is set. If …

Lettering craft 15

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Main Design Elements - The use of colour how it makes the deign look like royalty - The use of type as the typography style looks like royalty - The use of line

Monogram M for Hand Embroidery on Needle 'n Thread

Monograms for Hand Embroidery: Delicate Spray M, N, O