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easy tutorial for basic macrame knots

We’re in the middle of an epidemic. Ropes, cord, knots and lots more crazy bondage designs are invading our nests. The ancient art of macrame (rope-weaving) originated in the century.

Amazing Macrame Tutorials

Macrame is back and it’s everywhere! Find it as wall art, curtains, backdrops, jewelry, and even furniture! Here are some of the most amazing macrame tutorials out ! Once you get started you wo

Easy Macrame Plant Holder

Braided Macrame Plant Holder

Macrame Necklace

Simple DIY Macrame Necklace

Handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith shares this easy step-by-step photo tutorial to craft a trendy DIY macrame necklace to pair with… (Diy Necklace Gift)

GORGEOUS DIY macrame tutorials

Macrame is still making a comeback! Learn how to make some really awesome projects with these inspiring macrame tutorials.