Magical creatures

I would have mushroom people as one of my creatures

Items similar to Open Edition ACEO Print - Mushroom Family - Kawaii Whimsical Characters - Mrs Mushroom with Her Children - Fantasy Art by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff on Etsy

Lil cub spread your wings by *vidagr on deviantART

The tammer, also known as winged rabbit - a popular pet among the elves. IllustStudio, tablet ( speedpaint - about 40 min ) Lil cub spread your wings

Tree-horns forest spirit by Furrykami-creatures on DeviantArt


Tree-horns forest spirit by Furrykami-creatures on DeviantArt A Brownie?

✯ Seed :: Artist Anastasia Korochansckaja ✯

King of the Forest (✯ Seed :: Artist Anastasia Korochansckaja ✯ personally going to get this printed to put on my daughters bedroom wall.

Fox, Dragon, Cat, Fairy, Wolf?

Which Mystical Animal Is Your Best Friend?

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A little princess and her royal jackalope. One piece out of a few that I'm doing to try and beef up a portfolio lol The Royal Jackalope

My Hobbie is drawing because it so cool to be able to draw creatures and buliding and etc. Also if I'm feeling blue are if I'm bored i just draw and i'm not sad or bored anymore. I started drawing since I was in 3rd and i usually drew with my brother and sister so were all really good at drawing.

A late Secret Santa drawing I did for foxery u v u Hope everyone’s had a super…