This was my (well my boyfriend's) version of the magnetic makeup board. I didn't have a frame, metal sheets, a way to cut them or anything else. My smart boyfriend suggested using these metal letters. Once I discovered they were half price at Hobby Lobby I was sold!  Here was the end result!  Loved the idea and am enjoying this more personalized version!!  Thanks to my hero!!

Maximizing space is important in any home. But, making a tiny bathroom feel bigger can change the way you feel about your house!

this is cool! Make ur own magnetic makeup board. Cheap frame from Dollar General, metal board from Ace Hardware, spray paint board n 2 plastic soap holders for brushes. Cut pieces of adhesive magnetic stripes and stick on back of makeup. @ Home Design Ideas

Magnetic Makeup Board Tutorial Quick Video Instructions

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board - Cheap frame, metal board, spray paint board and 2 plastic soap holders for brushes. Get little magnets and glue them on the backs of different makeup.

Glue magnets onto the back of your makeup cases and stick to a framed piece of metal!!  I love all the variations of this idea.

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If you have an apartment or condo in the city, odds are even your master bathroom is on the small side. But it still needs to serve all the purposes

Wonderful Ideas to Make Your Tiny Bathroom Seem Bigger

magnetic makeup - keeping this one in mind for when the girls get older.

How to Make Magnet Makeup Board

Sick of makeup cluttering your bathroom sink? Glue a frame to an old cookie sheet and paint it, then adhesive magnets to the back of makeup and attach to dried magnet board.

Considering doing this to the medicine cabinet...although I may need a floor length one for all of the makeup. :) For all gals with small apartments! This is genius! DIY decorative metal, framed and then add tiny magnets to your cosmetics and voila, you have just cleared off your bathroom counter/bedroom dresser AND added art to your wall!

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storage magnets for make-up? this i'll have to try. although it's not looking super cute. looks like a drawer spilled out on board.DIY Magnetic Makeup Board - 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY Solutions