Adam and I split *cries a little* -Dylan

Maia Mitchell Has Over 100,000 Twitter Followers

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Maia Mitchell as Nomi. Crazy intelligent and just a bit crazy, enthusiastic about EVERYTHING, eager to prove herself to her sisters.

Pics: Maia Mitchell And Cierra Ramirez Together November 15, 2013

Pics: Maia Mitchell And Cierra Ramirez Together November 15, 2013

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Sister to Kai and AvaMarie. Yes she's shadows kid and she's a wild child. She's very opinionated and loves to get involved in protest for human rights

I'm Avalon. I'm 16. I'm a tribute from district 5, Power. I honestly hate Panem. I have no family except for a little sister, Nyx, and a dog, Chase. Why? Snow killed my parents and my older brother died in the games. I'm skilled with a bow and arrow, knives, and a sword. I'm smart and manipulative. Watch out. I'm doing this for my family, and there is nothing that will stop me. Looking for STRONG allies.  xoxo, Avalon

Maia Mitchell of ‘The Fosters’ on Bold Brows and Learning to Be More Daring With Makeup

Maia Mitchell of "The Fosters" talked to us about her gorgeous bold brows, beauty must-haves and stepping out of her beauty comfort zone.

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