Go for a classic style in a blue suit and a white oxford shirt. For a more relaxed take, go for a pair of white plimsolls.   Shop this look on Lookastic: https://lookastic.com/men/looks/blue-suit-white-dress-shirt-white-plimsolls/20358   — White Dress Shirt  — Blue Polka Dot Tie  — Blue Suit  — White Plimsolls

Men's Blue Suit, White Dress Shirt, White Plimsolls, Blue Polka Dot Tie

Try pairing a blue suit with a white oxford shirt for a sharp classy look. Choose a pair of white plimsolls for a more relaxed aesthetic.

Chucks, cuffed jeans, and a great fitting t-shirt. What more do you need?

I can't even tell you how perfect this guy is! The hat! The camera! The Shirt! The jeans! The Converse! The camera! The tattoo! The face!

L’ensemble présente des hommes comprend blanc avec broderie gris, broderie noire et blanche, tissu milliardaire avec un pantalon et une chemise avec broderie parfaite sans aucune erreur. Ensemble peut cette hommes être porté pour n’importe quelle occasion et est considéré comme haute mode et bien détaillé. Taille de chemise US PETIT MOYEN GRAND Taille de pantalon US Tour de taille-32-38 » Longueur-30-36 » Disponible taille, envoyez-moi un message pour les commandes personnalisées avant…

This mens set includes white with gray embroidery, white and black embroidery, billionaire fabric with pants and a shirt with perfected embroidery with no error. This mens set can be worn for ANY occasion and is considered high fashion and well detailed.

bows-n-ties: “ Matching Ties to Dress Shirt Collars: What Tie Goes with Which Collar Style? (Infographic via Tie-a-Tie.net) ”

beadifferentlady: ““ Matching Ties to Dress Shirt Collars: What Tie Goes with Which Collar Style? ” important for every gentleman… ” Very interesting!

Vêtements pour hommes africains Hommes par MaDeInAfrikaGh sur Etsy

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Denim x Denim. Not sure about the Turtle Neck...would look better w/ a crew neck t-shirt http://www.99wtf.net/young-style/urban-style/mens-denim-shirt-urban-fashion-2016/

casual street wear style, black turtleneck paired with a denim jacket, chinos and sneakers // menswear fashion

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This outfit speaks to Abe. It& shows is age and how earnest he is as a character. Also, being the nephew of Emily and Amir, he doesn& need a sign a much wealth.

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