Marion Peck. cute and creepy is this artists line of paintings, they are strange but interesting....

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“F*ck You”, by pop-surrealism artist Marion Peck was inspired by the French NeoClassical artist François Gérard’s “Portrait de Mme Tallien”, dating from 1804 - Middle finger

"Kitty" Oil on panel. Artist Marion Peck.

That was an intense amount. Painting (without text) is "Kitty," Oil on panel, 2005 by Marion Peck.

marion peck | Painting, Marion Peck

"The Divine Swine." by Marion Peck, an amazing surrealist artist that I have…

Marion Peck

Pop Surrealism at its Best in New Works by Marion Peck at Magda Danysz Gallery

Pop surrealist artist Marion Peck was born in Manila, the Philippines and grew up in Seattle, Washington.

Juxtapoz Magazine - Marion Peck "Animals" @ Michael Kohn Projects, LA

Marion Peck "Animals" @ Michael Kohn Projects, LA

Marion Peck "Sick Kitten" Is Sheldon going to sing the soft kitty song to this sick kitten?

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Marion Peck ~ "Kitty's Sacrifice" Oil on canvas, 26 x 16 inches, 2014