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Man, I want to be just as famous as Mark when I upload my own game play videos. It's to raise some back up money for college, and that I can have a positive outlook on people worldwide. I'm just going to hope for the best.

Mark Fischbach

MARKIPLIER YOLO XD oh my god I remember this, the first Wilford Warfstache video ever made. This used to be my user picture on Deviantart lol

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Mark Fischbach

Markiplier's SpeedRunners Character Wade, Jack, Mark and Bob at PAX Prime August 2015

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Slender Man

The world of super-beings is getting far more diverse. First Spider-Man, now the Human Torch. And while long overdue, it’s only a step in the right direction. The world is ready for a black Slender Man.

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Happy Birthday Markiplier!!

is a vlog episode by Markiplier. My birthday is this weekend and.

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Tiny Box Tim

The tiniest of Tiny Box Tims is coming with me on an adventure! :: Mark and Tim are so cute in this.

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don't be sad markimoo!

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Fake Slenderman for PSASBR

Slender Man (or any other names given to him), is the main antagonist of the Slender series.

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Mark Blue Hair.PNG

I match now<< Yes, Mark, yes. You match. Now dye it back to pink.