Matt Bomer Steps Out With His Partner And Kids

Matt Bomer Steps Out With His Partner And Kids

Openly Gay couple: Matt Bomer & Simon Halls with their three children: Henry, Kit and Walker

Super perfect "White Collar" star Matt Bomer is one of the most crush-worthy human beings on the planet, and he just got dreamier: he's now...

'White Collar's' Matt Bomer has three children, somehow this only makes him hotter

Matt Bomer Steps Out With His Partner And Kids

Matt Bomer Steps Out With His Partner And Kids

Matt Bomer enjoys family time with boyfriend Simon Halls and three kids in NYC

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I used to think life was fair, and then I saw Matt Bomer and found out he had a husband and three kids..

If you've watched Bomer slink around Manhattan as the gorgeous and charming Neal Caffrey on his show "White Collar" it becomes very clear why he is a fan favorite. Look at that face. The camera loves this man! He is Christian Grey!

Matt Bomer, his partner Simon Hall & their son Kit support the Revlon Run-Walk

Matt Bomer: Revlon Walk with Simon Halls & Kit!: Photo Matt Bomer consoles his son Kit at the Annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women fundraiser on Saturday (May in Los Angeles.

Just when you thought Matt Bomer and his two sons couldn´t get any cuter... ...THEY TOTALLY GOT CUTER!!! We´ve seen a lot of adorable pictures in our time, but this one takes the cake....

Actor Matt Bomer gets a big old hug from his three sons, Kit and twin sons Walker and Henry while his partner Simon Halls loads up the car in New York City. CUTEST THING EVER.

<b>Over the weekend, the "White Collar" star -- who has been notoriously quiet about his private life -- accepted a humanitarian award in which he thanked his partner, Simon and their kids.</b> Sorry ladies, this real-life Disney-prince-come-to-life is officially off the market. To celebrate, here are 25 insanely attractive photos of the beautiful, beautiful man.

25 Hot Photos Of Matt Bomer In Honor Of His Coming Out Of The Closet

I'm a giant! --- awwwww!  <3

Here come the boys! Matt Bomer juggles his very modern family... but nearly takes a tumble with son balanced on his shoulders

My son's gonna have swagger like Matt Bomer's son, Kit. Love White Collar.

Matt Bomer: Super Bowl Events with Son Kit!: Photo Matt Bomer and his adorable son Kit attend the 2012 DirecTV Super Saturday Night at Victory Field on Saturday (February in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Making hot guys that much hotter. Matt Bomer definitely knows how to look so freaking hot!