Maxwell Caulfield: svisto d'attore

Maxwell Caulfield: svisto d'attore

Young, Maxwell Caulfield♥ When i was little and watched Grease i was in love with him!

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maxwell caulfield - November is a British-American film, stage, and television actor . his debut was in the movie Grease 2

the hunk from Grease 2. Cool Rider indeeed!

26 Reasons "Grease 2" Is Better Than "Grease"

Maxwell Caulfield (Grease "My names Michael, Michael Carrington" Ellison

Maxwell Caulfield as Michael Carrington.

Grease 2 (1982)

Does anyone remember anything about Grease 2 aside from how ridiculously beautiful Maxwell Caulfield looked in it? my-future-husbands

" well how do you become one of these T-birds" *insert cutest British accent ever*

Happy Birthday to Future Exhusband - Maxwell Caulfield. One of the many great factors of Grease 2 - When will we see the Glee Version of that?

Maxwell Caulfield

Maxwell Caulfield