Mesa mineshaft invades flower forest biome! MCPE Seed:boomsync

This is an incredible MCPE seed! Rails and a mob spawner from a mesa mineshaft have spewed out onto a flower forest biome's floor!

Enter the seed TOUGHTOUGH to try this Minecraft PE Snow Village Seed! #MCPE

This Minecraft PE seed has a snow village right where the game starts. Snow villages are a amongst the rarest finds in MCPE!

Minecraft PE village seed with a blacksmith holding good loot. Enter 'kasd' to play this MCPE seed.

At the edge of a birch forest and plains biome you'll find a blacksmith village with great starter loot. For Minecraft PE versions and

Village with Iron & Horse Armor at Spawn. MCPE Seed:TURBBU

A Minecraft PE village seed which spawns you at the outskirts of a blacksmith village which has horse armor, several iron items and iron ingots to loot.

Desert Temple and Village with Gold and Diamonds. MCPE Seed: turbpa

A Minecraft PE gold and diamonds seed. From spawn you'll be able to see a village and temple in the desert. The desert temple holds gold, diamonds and more!

MCPE Stronghold Under Spawn Village [1.1+] Seed:TROTSLOW

Spawn in a village which has a stronghold beneath it in this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed. Found on Minecraft PE and verified on MCPE

Woodland Mansion at Spawn. Seed:wwven (Minecraft 1.11+)

Minecraft Mansion Seed for PC/Mac: Spawn on the edge of a ravine within view of a Woodland Mansion in a roofed forest. For Minecraft (Java)

MCPE Stronghold at Spawn Seed: EAT A WRAP

A Minecraft PE village seed where the village is embedded in a mountain (extreme hill). Found on Minecraft PE - an infinite seed.

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seed for pocket edition. I use the pc, but it's still cool----- if you want seeds non stop just get the app seedspro it's better,doesn't allow swearing and stuff it's cool,just for you mincrafters out there

Bryce Mesa Seed - Desert Temple Spawn - Seed:MODEXT

On this Bryce Mesa Seed for Minecraft Pocket Edition you spawn on top of a desert temple next to the Bryce mesa formations!

Ice Spike + Flower Forest Biome - MCPE Seed:foundohno

An Ice Spike Biome next to a Flower Forest Biome makes for a rare seed for Minecraft PE. For Pocket Edition and