meg white-she's a bit of martyr in the world of drummers. Most didn't understand that the way she played was the contrived sound that Jack was going for. Otherwise, I'm sure he could've found some dude to play a bunch of showy runs for him. I respect their sound, and I appreciate her role and the energy she brought...Viva la White Stripes

Meg White with a “Make Some Noise” sign Still from Under Great White Northern Lights

Jack and Meg White - 'The White Stripes'--just to clear things up...they are not brother and sister.

Jack and Meg White - favorite rock n' roll couple ❤ The White Stripes

Meg White-drummer of The White Stripes

I wonder what size drumstick she prefers? I had a geek crush on Meg White because female drummers are hot!

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Meg White of The White Stripes fame. Like me, she has problems with & overcomes anxiety on a regular basis. She is one of my heroes!