Memphis may fire

Memphis May Fire<3  Can't wait to see them at Warped this year:D

Miles Away~Memphis May Fire feat. First time I heard this song I almost cried "God, give me the strength to do what you created me to do"

the abandoned. memphis may fire. ♥  "You have No clue what I've been through but I guess that you wanted it that way"

Memphis May Fire lyrics. Definitely describes some people I've known and their reactions to me.

Beneath The Skin, by Memphis May Fire . one of my favorite songs

Memphis May Fire - Beneath the Skin. Such a beautiful song. I love the acoustic version of it.


When did the diamonds leave your bones? — the deceived - memphis may fire

Memphis May Fire - Divinity Unconditional

Memphis May Fire//Divinity Unconditional - You are the perfect vision of an angel come to earth. Beautiful, just as He intended.


These guys may just look like another freakish band covered with tattoos, but what I see are five guys who have been there for me when no one else understood.