Now this is funny!!! True...but still funny!!

Funny Hump day misconduct - The bipolar middle-child of the business week once more greets you with its mood swings, its effrontery and its despicable.

My internal thermostat has only 2 settings... 1. Hypothermia 2. Eternal Fires of Hell

My internal thermostat has only 2 settings. Hypothermia Eternal Fires of Hell. Hypothermia all day until sleeping then its eternal fires of hell.

HE Gets to be the Game Changer!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

HE Gets to be the Game Changer!

#menopause #hotflash.... isn't that the truth; up all night and day....wonder why I'm grumpy...sometimes

Night sweats: Hot flashes that occur while you are asleep, because catching on fire during the daytime just isn't sufficient.

~Menopause Molly~ in the Morning Before my Coffee~ Sometimes.... lol :]

Menopause in progress.go around and do not make eye contact.

For many women, hot flashes are the first recognizable signs of perimenopause. How did you know you were starting "the change?"

Has your doctor told you that you need to focus on eating well and exercise, if you want to maintain your health? What if you made it your goal to rebuild your body? Poise expert Marta Montenegro says it's never too late.

MenoRage... Hold on, it's going to be a very bumpy ride!

Hard to live with, mango is the sweetest, sugary fruit this is great for anyone with low blood sugar including my self.

Menopause humor More

Menopause humor More

is it hot outside ? A corn cob building a card castle. Popcorn is it hot outside ? A corn cob building a card castle logic