Untouchable (Pausiert)

We Bee Long Together Bee Valentines Day Card, Bee Doodle, Bee Pun Card, Love Card, recycled card and envelope by ladybugonaleaf on Etsy (Bottle Lights Children)

And then Mycroft hugs him back and tells him that it's going to be alright, that he won't lose John, omg this is killing me D:

Credit to insta account in screenshot. Johnlock Love my heart is broken, crumbled, what you want but dead.

I’d write that I had a job I loved that could support a family. Then I’d write that I didn’t have Depression.

Creepy but very cute. This is a very unusual little box which makes a spooky funny card for Valentine’s Day. Gift it to a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or partner with a weird sense of humor. Someone who can ap

Thank you, Winchester!

:) after the alll day conversation of the new twilight movie this was hilarious

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