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Which Grey's Anatomy Doctor Are You?

“Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know; maybe we just wouldn't feel real. What's that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.” Grey's anatomy

Should Grey's Anatomy End Now That Ellen Pompeo Is Openly Complaining?

More trauma is headed Dr. Meredith Grey's way in the new Grey's Anatomy preview

Meredith Gets Attacked In "Grey's Anatomy" Return

No. 4 Ellen Pompeo - Dr. Meredith Grey is a staple of the Forbes Celebrity 100--the original cast-members of Shonda Rhimes' ABC hit earn $350,000 an episode plus millions more in syndication for the hospital drama, now entering its tenth season. But off-screen her life is quiet, Pompeo has no big-ticket endorsement deals, her single paycheck is impressive total earnings $10 million.

No. 4 Ellen Pompeo - In Photos: The Highest Paid TV Actresses Of 2013

Dr. Meredith Grey "Grey's Anatomy" - Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in the Season 9 premiere of Grey's Anatomy. The episode airs September

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