Mermaid hair color drawing Hair!! blue wavy long hair. Fun to draw

Mermaid hair color drawing, I don't know who did this but they are so talented I can never get hair right.

Mermaid Constellation                                                                                                                                                                                 More

This mermaid constellation is beautiful and would make a lovely cover photo for my Mermaid Andromeda page.

Simple mermaid - like this, but thicker in the hips and broader of back with silver in her hair. :)

Simple mermaid - like this, but I would give her a curvaceous bottom and a broader waist with a soft scaled pattern on her fin :)

Mermaid in a jar

no one should ever do this to a mermaid yes i want to meet a mermaid but they probaly want to be left alone.but this is a picture of a Mermaid in a jar