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I told my mom this, giggling, after she actually translated. It took a moment, then she couldn't stop for a while.

My godmother once threatened that if I didn't start behaving for my momma, she would make sure LA LLORONA would get me!

Watch out for that La Llorona kiddies xD This is one story that I will be telling to my own!

Mexican humor, Star Wars, jedi training, piñata

I think they meant since we all had piñatas at all of our lol tho (Mexican accent) by scarletspyderqueen

Thank goodness a teacher hasn't asked me do one yet

26 Jokes Only Mexicans Will Understand

26 Jokes Only Mexicans Will Understand. I married into a Mexican family but my family is actually bigger than his lmao.our kids are screwed.and I wanna have at least 5 of our own (we already have lol

Ya I have family in Texas that I didn't even know about

So true. I have no idea how many cousins I have in Mexico, nor what any of their names are.

Roasting chiles is just about as deadly as carbon monoxide. | 23 Food Truths Only Mexicans Would Understand

Roasting chiles is just about as deadly as carbon monoxide.

***You're. But it is still really funny :) At my house, we call the tacos on the very top "Crappy tacos"

You understand, now?

Racial Self- I am used to eating tacos due to where I am from. My grandmother sold tacos in Mexico for a living. She made me used to tacos. Tacos are life.