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Traditional Mexican Clothes and Costumes: A Beautiful Riot of Colors

Mexican costumes are colorful and vibrant, and an instant success at costume parties! For your next party, be sure to select a Mexican theme!

Recently I've been taking some heavy visual inspiration from Mexican embroidery and more notably traditional embroidery from the Otomi people in the small town of Tenango in Hildago. You've probably seen this form of embroidery being used for bedspreads, table runners/cloths, upholstery and cushions. SOURCE SOURCE The technique became prominent in the 1960s when the small farming community of Tenango went through a drought and the locals were forced to think of other ways to creat...


Campeche Traditional Dress Campeche is a state in the Yucatan Peninsula where the Mayan civilization once flourished. The cloth in Campeche is different than the typical Mayan clothing found in the surrounding areas due to the Spanish influence. The dress used a huipil blouse usually with black thread embroidery around the square collar. The embroidered design had the resemblance of onions and pumpkin flowers. The skirt was ankle long usually made out of fine Spanish print fabric.

Find her a gallery of the traditional Mexican dress. It is also called typical dress from the different states of Mexico.

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What you can TOUCH: Here is traditional mexican dress. It has beautiful stripes of embroidered flowers in vivid colors and a typical design that makes it look elegant with the black bottom and white top. Flower stripes are common with a chontal dress.

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How to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo. On May the Mexican Army, against all odds, defeated the French forces in the Battle of Puebla. On Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for the of May), many Mexicans around the world celebrate their Mexican.

Mexican Traditional Clothing

Multicultural Coloring: Mexico