I'm a nice person! I just took a shower! And I washed my hair thoroughly lol

I'm a nice person! And I washed my hair thoroughly! *SPLOOSH* MJ with his nephews

Michael, I think you fit the Peter Pan image better ,but you can still be my super hero any day!

Today in MJ HIStory - - Michael causes a stir when shopping at Bic Camera, one of the biggest electronics stores in downtown Tokyo. The store closed at which was usual, then gave Michael free reign until midnight.

#MichaelJackson  These historical images that look like Micheal really make you think!  But that last picture with his words really makes me sad. Raynetta Manees, Author of #AllForLove

He’ll be back…

Michael Jackson conspiracy of 'you might be a vampire' Just another celebrity doppelgänger

Jackson. just to let everyone know i own this pic because i found it on G+ okay :) so do not use this text what i type in becuase tha'ts liing :)

Miss him so much *cries on pillow* he was so young *cries for a few hours* *looses hydration* *wakes up seeing his face* Me: Michael? Michael: yeah its me Me:*cries some more*

Michael Apple Jackson

Michael Apple Jackson

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