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In this article I ‘d like to share with you two tools that are at the center of my life to anchor my dreams and not let them float away, carried by the spiral of my daily life: Mindmapping and the creation of a Vision Board.

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[Full Size Planner] Mind Map Template (Free Printable) | Life Your Way → Hmm, I could see myself using this as an occasional part of my Bullet Journal (or any other planner, if I had a different  one)

Mind Map Template

printable-mind-map Mind maps are a great way to organize ideas for a writing assignment, for a plan for studying, for organizing research for a project, etc.

Editable PowerPoint Template: Mind Map Template

Use these Mind Map Template in presentations related to decision making, problem solving, organizing information, brainstorming and much more.

Learn how to mind map any idea or project with this free download from Creative Visualization for Writers by Nina Amir.

Use Mind Mapping to Plan Your Next Writing Project

Develop an Idea Through Mind Mapping - great for developing ideas, poetry, and journaling prompts.

Decision Making - Pros and Cons mind map

Decision Making - Pros and Cons mind map