Incredible Minecraft cathedral interior. KEVIN! PAIGE! THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!

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Minecraft - Water Temple: Timelapse and Cinematic! - YouTube

Minecraft - Water Temple: Timelapse and Cinematic!

minecraft___water_temple_wip_by_sunegem-d4m0xmz.png (1228×651)

minecraft___water_temple_wip_by_sunegem-d4m0xmz.png (1228×651)

Water Temple Bridge Minecraft World Save

Some words from the builder KatariaWolf The bridge connects the water temple spawn with the actual water temple. The spawn I will build in the near future, the bridge also still gets a nice extra!

/r/minecraft: Here's an overgrown temple I made!

Temple Build

For the ones that do vídeos of móvies but in minecraft versión,this is perfect for “tarzan".

Minecraft 1.8 Seed - Water Temple!!! - Minecraft Seeds

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