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Villains I despise: Minions are the true villains. They're not really funny. They are billions of clones talking about bananas. Their movie is downright.

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Which Minion Are You?

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Find out which adorable Despicable Me minion is most like you!

Which Minion Are You?

Minions se torna a segunda animação mais vista no cinema                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Minions se torna a segunda animação mais vista no cinema

Exciting news! You know the Minions right? Well Bob, Kevin, and Stuart will be joining us this weekend, Oct. at Fall Festival at Massanutten Resort!

three minions hanging from wire and down below one minion sideways looking up at the trio

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Despicable Me

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The language of the minions is known as minionese. Here is minionese quotes, songs and phrasebook.