Just what your keys need! Monogrammed Tassel Key Fob! Shop now at https://marleylilly.com/product/monogrammed-tassel-key-fob/

Hold onto your keys with this adorable monogrammed tassel key fob! Each key fob has a tag that is foil stamped with your monogram.


A Crash Course In Monogramming Etiquette

Monogramming "When combining a monogram for two lovebirds, unity is conveyed in this manner. The bride’s first name initial is placed on the left, the groom’s first name initial on the right, and the couple’s surname initial appears slightly larger in the

CM monogram. Beautifully crafted elegance.


One of our favourites. maybe a way of incorporating our letters (HM or HMS) into a monogram that resembles Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Custom Monogram Stamp using the Silhouette Mint! Stamp envelopes, stamp stationery, stamp ribbon, stamp wrapping paper, the possibilities are endless for monogram lovers!

The Happy List 9/18

Just made myself a monogram stamp in maybe 15 seconds. Excuse me while I go stamp all. This new Mint machine rocks!

Mandala Decal Yeti Decal Mandala Monogram by DesignedByTaylynn

Monogrammed Decal would be perfect for your laptop, yeti cup, any tumbler, water…