Wickedly Wonderful Creations: Monday Montage #66

handmade birthday card from Wickedly Wonderful Creations: Monday Montage . plethora of die cut tropical flowers and foliage using Botanical Blooms die set . Stampin' Up!

The pattern of the face and the hands really stands out. The image makes you feel like the person can almost smell the flowers that are in the pattern.

Jenya Vyguzov - The Power of Collage

The Patternbank team love these beautiful mixed media collages by Jenya Vyguzov. The 21 year old Russian artist Vyguzoy, creates powerful visual statements

This reminds of my external self portrait, the sky in the background and in the eye whites.

Matt Wisniewski

Matt Wisniewski on Miss Moss · Matt Wisniewski is a self-taught artist & web developer who creates beautiful photo collages (or “visual experiments” as…

Montage Beverly Hills Wedding | Waleed & Angie

Montage Beverly Hills Wedding

Beverly Hills is one of the most beautiful & glamorous cities known throughout the world and it is also home to some of the most posh a.

Des montages amusants et réalistes pour dénoncer notre société de consommation

Le graphiste Shusaku Takaoka dénonce notre société sur-connectée

Amusing and Witty Illustrations by Shusaku Takaoka – Fubiz Media

Chou fleurs aux épices montage

Chou-fleurs aux épices

Focal.Press.How.to.Cheat.in.Photoshop.CS3.May.2007  The art of creating photorealistic montages Steve Caplin HOW TO IN AMSTERDAM • BOSTON • HEIDELBERG • LONDON • NEW YORK • OXFORD PARIS • SAN DIEGO • SAN FRANCISCO • SINGAPORE • SYDNEY • TOKYO Focal Press is an imprint of Elsevier


excelent montage, great portrait shot with added faces inside, looks sleek elegant and fancy while still having an abstract character to it. Looks like a fashion advertisement almost

Damien Blottière for VMAN Decade - A talented photographer and artist, Damien Blottiere loves to cut and paste with style. His similar cut-and-paste photography style has appeared i.

Elegant Montages Show the Beauty of Birds in Flight | A swallow takes off from a wire.   Roy and Marie Battell  | WIRED.com

Meet John Knoll, the Creative Genius Who Brought Rogue One to Life

A swallow takes off from a wire "Elegant Montages Show the Beauty of Birds in Flight" Photography: Roy and Marie Battell