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Spindle box, Montessori math, Educational wooden toy, This is an alternative version of the original Monetssori Spindle Box. It is small and perfect for home use where every inch of space counts.

Método Montessori: Fomentar la autonomía a la hora de comer                                                                                                                                                     Más

Love the stitched placemat teaching the child where to put the utensils etc. You can translate the page into english top left corner.

Montessori baby resources from birth through 12 months. Montessori at home from birth.

Montessori Babies

Junta del tornillo de Montessori por LindenMood en Etsy

Montessori screw driver board (with Philips head) will help teach children the practical life skill of using a screw driver. The board will also teach hand eye coordination while working on fine motor skills.

Escuela con Vida: REPASANDO ABN

Escuela con Vida: REPASANDO ABN

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Fraction Flowers with Paper Plates

For when they get older and start learning fractions. Learn fractions in a creative way by making these fraction flowers out of paper plates- includes a set of printable fraction circles. This makes learning math fun!

Montessori stereognostic activities for children around 2.5 years - 4 years - a DIY mystery box (from How we Montessori)

Montessori stereognostic activities for children around years - 4 years - a DIY mystery box (from How we Montessori) (Box Diy Ideas)

O método montessori foi idealizado pela médica e educadora Maria Montessori e suas principais características são o desenvolvimento naturais social...

Método Montessori: brincadeiras e quarto montessoriano

150 The Best Montessori Activities, Free Printables, Montessori Books, Montessori Preschool, Montessori Spaces, Montessori Toys, Practical life and more

150+ Amazing Montessori Activities and Free Printables

Amazing Montessori Fall Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten, Montessori Fall Practical Life, Montessori Books, Montessori Printables, Montessori Themes