Mother Earth she is love reflected back to your heart.

This is one of my favorite pictures in the world. Do you see the Dryad (Tree Spirit) in the tree? I LOVE the pink and the light.

Mother Earth. THIS is the idea I want, from the highest mountain to the deepest ocean.That is the real mother earth

Illustrations by Carlotta Schulz aka Loonaki. Carlotta is an artist based in Germany. Omg wanted this as a tattoo a few years ago.

Image result for pretty mother nature tattoo

Image result for pretty mother nature tattoo

Published in the early 1970s costing only 60¢ a copy, this hand illustrated and typed journal carried this mission: "We see Country♀Women as a feminist country survival manual and a creative journal. It is for women living with women, with men, and alone, for women who live in the country alrea


lunar mama // pacha mama // mother earth // illustration // goddess // roots // thank you earth

Would put a wolf in there instead of a fox though - I think the fox gives it a unique look. Wolves in tattoos are so overdone. Heck, wolves are overdone in all that pseudo Native American stuff. Plus foxes are simply the best animals.

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Mother Earth Divine~ May We Each Give Birth to an Enlightened New Way of Thinking, Doing & Being and May this New Way, Bring Forth a Positive New Way of Living, Giving & Experiencing of Mother Earth and All of Creation ~ Let Us Experience the Onene