Wow. I've actually done that, sort of. Didn't realize it at the time, though. It was more like I went to the forest BECAUSE I lost my mind, and found my soul as the forest began to help me heal. The power of nature to heal the human mind & spirit is phenomenal. Mother Earth can help when it seems nothing else can.

Nature assists You to ~ quiet the mind ~ so the Soul ~ can speak and be ~ heard…

Mati Syra Zemia (Moist Mother Earth) or Matka Ziemia (Mother Earth) is probably one of the oldest and most important deities. Description from I searched for this on

Mother Earth

Mother Earth by Jenness Cortez Perlmutter. Mother Earth, she is the center, the reason and the most beautiful and loving mother there is. Being a shaman means giving our life to serve her, and become her voice and hands in the world - Noga gal

Make Earth Day Every Day - 20 Ways to Conserve + surprising studies on plant-based diets and the environment!

Make it Earth Day Every Day with These 20 Easy Tips

Happy earth day everyone! Remember everyday is earth day, you shouldn't pick up garbage on earth day and then throw it on the ground the next day! Keep earth clean :)

Earth Was Born To Be A Paradise Not Humans' Hell !...We Were Meant To Live On Earth Not To Destroy Her !...Each Living Being Owns A Natural Right To Live Well !...We All Must Care For Gaia As She's Our Sacred Mother !...© Do You Like My Poetryscapes ?... Samissomar

We are the custodians of the Mother Earth goddess Bhumi, who sometimes takes the form of a cow, and to whom I pray apologies for the many offenses of the human race towards her.

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Prema Gaia - Art by Shanti Herrington * a sad day for the earth indeed, America turned it's back on our precious earth

#Mother #Earth Art - flowers

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I'm not an 'environmentalist.' I'm an 'EARTH WARRIOR.'

I'm not an 'environmentalist.' I'm an Earth Warrior, environment, environmentalist, planet, nature

The Earth is not just our environment ~ We are the Earth and the Earth is us ~ We have always been One With the Earth ~✴~ Thich Nhat Hanh .. WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™ #wildwomansisterhood #thichnhathanhquote

“Mirar la belleza en el mundo es el primer paso para purificar la mente" ~ Amit Ray No idea what that means but I feel it's profound cause lookit that pic!

Earth energy...

Before it was "earthing", it was just walking barefoot outside. And it wasn't even a health thing, it was just a being human thing. It's also my favorite health practice and human being practice.

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“To me, being spiritual means…whispering to trees, laughing with flowers, falling in love with sunsets, consulting the water and worshiping the stars. One hand to my heart. One hand to the Earth.