I couldn't find info on this...would love to know what it is...bicycle or motorbike?

Solex - The Sidewalk Surfer I have to admit.I love this! VeloSoleX s are .

OK, this is too awesome - I could see myself zooming around the lake on this!  #scooter

nice scoot I love an unmodified classic motorcycle. Though a custom built motorcycle from a classic, if done right, still looks nice.

Our Hoverboard is an electric skateboard with smart balance wheels that uses advanced gyroscopic technology. Step onto the future - PURCHASE your Hoverboard now!

Smart Balance Board (Green)

The Ninebot Segway doubles as a motorised scooter, and can follow owners   around as well as understanding its surroundings

The two-wheeled scooter once believed to be the future of transportation once looked doomed after a series of mishaps, inc.

1 | Watch 60 Years of Chic Vespas Go By | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Watch 60 Years of Chic Vespas Go By

Watch 60 Years of Chic Vespas Go By Good design never goes out of style.

good blog with neat scooter games

Scooter race idea- set up cones and use a plastic tube and/or pool noodle for a "gate" kids have to race through. Have them attempt by sitting, and again laying down to work on upper and lower body strength

Sagittarius women. too accurate right now.

Sagittarius woman’s ideal man is strong enough to hold her, yet flexible enough to let her fly around.